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Why SEO?

Why Search Engine Optimisation?

 With some 73% of internet journeys starting from a search engine it is essential that your site is optimised to appear ideally on page one of the search engine results for Google, Yahoo and Bing.

 It is common to see many sites using Pay per Click (PPC) advertising to promote their sites when the sites themselves are poorly optimised.

SEO should be an integral part of any clients marketing strategy in order to maximise ROI from their website investment. Why spend £1000 per month on Google Adwords when with some investment in SEO you can help your site appears on the coveted page 1 of Google and maintain its ranking?

Many sites are often poorly designed and have an overwhelming preponderance for Flash or video over basic content. Whilst video makes the site look nicer it needs to be balanced against the Search Engine indexing that is highly reliant upon well written, relevant structured content and keywords.

 Please contact us for more information on Search Engines strategies.