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Page 1 Google SEO or Adwords?

So you rank top for your main keyword in Google? nice, how much business does that generate for you? ….hello? How many times have potential customers filled in your contact form and then you’ve followed this down the pipeline in your CRM solution to generate new revenue?

We speak to companies  every day who tell us how they aren’t interested in PPC  and that they have lost money, never had any real success with it and they already rank top for their main keywords.

Experience really counts with a successful  Internet Marketing and SEO Consulting campaign.

To run a successful online marketing campaign you need to know what your doing, you need to have made mistakes, tested what works and actually had some success.

Google make it sound all very easy to setup an Adwords campaign and that’s because it IS easy. What is not easy is to actually construct and then optimise a profitable campaign – one that does not burn the budget away.

Anyone can enter a bunch of keywords, write some ads and throw $50 in the budget… it’s making a profit on that $50 which is important, generating RoI on SEO and new revenue for your business

PPC is a very effective tool for growing your business but you need to either invest significant time and money in your research and test your campaigns properly or hire someone who can demonstrate previous Adwords success.

Just because a keyword gets a millions searches a month doesn’t mean you will make any money from being top. It’s important to know what traffic delivers a bottom line and focus on that, PPC is perfect for this as you can instantly test a number of keywords and see which work.

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